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Meet Owner & Founder

Thank you for taking the time to visit Sweet Cakes by Erica.  My name is Erica Marshall and I am a wife and mother of 2 beautiful children, Alyssa and Christian.  Though my two little ones are a handful in themselves, I love experimenting in the kitchen mixing and matching ingredients and creating my own specialty recipes. In my spare time, I  also enjoy spending time with friends, family, shopping and working out (good thing because I love to eat).    

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My Story

 For the last 15 years, I have worked in Corporate America and decided to make a change to dedicate more time to my family. While I was thrilled to spend more time with family, I am one that loves to be busy and challenged. Over the years for both holidays and family gatherings, I have been known to not only prepare dinner but to also provide homemade baked goods.  With not being confined to a work schedule, it provided me more flexibility to spend more time focusing on my passion which led to the birth of Sweet Cakes by Erica. 

Sweet Cakes  provides our customers with homemade classic pound cakes, sweet treats, and baked goods that are prepared with high quality ingredients for all occasions for both adults and children. You may be wondering - pound cakes for kids?  Yes, kids too can enjoy pound cakes with sprinkles, topped with cookies and candy or even cheesecakes topped with cookie crumbs.  In addition to having the choice of selecting a classic cake, you have the option to add a little something extra such as a fruit filling, rich creamy cheesecake filling (who doesn't want two cakes in one), and decorations to complement any celebration.  



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